build an E-commerce with html, css (bootstrap), javascirpt and php – Part 5 – Creating Admin Page

Hello guys, nice to see you today, as usual we will continue our lesson today, we are going to create an admin page. Allow me to give you an explanation.

As I mentioned in this first article, in this template should be included admin folder in order to manage where the admin should be logged in and maintenance the category and so on. Let’s begin by creating index.php file in admin folder we have provided earlier.


The index.php of admin should contains include folder to attach bootstrap css and javascript and header.php and footer.php in addition the new index file of admin folder will be used for maintenance web. Let’s begin by designing login page for admin.

Right click on your admin folder on your editor and click new file, then save the file by pressing Ctrl + S button in the same time, then give a name to your file with the name index.php and save it. See the picture below for details.

Create new index file
Create new index file

Create new index file-1

Now, we will design login form for admin in index file. By creating login form we will not let someone enter admin page without credential we made. So, this credential should be secret and don’t share to anyone. Retype this code below to your editor.

and the results should be looked like this picture below
Creating new Index file
What next? We will make condition when someone or admin input the login credential and hit the login button they will be redirected to the home.php to locate the redirect page we have to include connection and setup the admin input with php code. retype this code below to your editor.

Then we have to create new file called home.php for landing redirect page from admin login. Now Follow this script below.

Those all for today, we hope I will see you again for tomorrow.


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